Susana Ayres


My present graphical research gravitates around the process, where chance and “revelation” can both be cause and arrival point.

Through the capture/creation of pictorical compositions resulting from a cast of elements – the manipulation of pigments, the work table, cadence of gesture, weight of the body, paper grain and, importantly, the memory of materials – i aim for the surfaces to become tactile, or atmospherical at times, until a certain state of the matter is cristalized, in an image. I thus propose a possible space between drawing, engraving and painting.

Concerning subject, I’m drawn to the inate freedom in an image, its self-sufficiency from a representation. The works attempt to make possible that several apprehensions take place in the interpretative space of the observer.




Lisbon, 1988.
Masters in Architecture by Universidade Técnica de Lisboa in 2012; architect by trade.
Between 2018-2020 enrollment in the Drawing and Painting Academy, at Mart Art School.
Home in São Paulo, Rotterdam, and currently Lisbon.
Since 2020 artist resident at Mart Art School.